Benefits of massage

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Benefits of massage

For the longest time, massage therapy was viewed as just a luxury, and not important in our normal healthcare routine.  As we have learned so much more of the benefits of regular massage, it has become something that is necessary for our total body health and wellness.  Just getting one massage can ease pain just as medication, acupuncture, exercise and yoga do.  Therapeutic and relaxing massage has endless benefits for the body and mind.  I will discuss the mental rewards at a later time, but want to first go over the general body perks.

  • It promotes deeper breathing.  You breathe deeper during a massage which is vital to ensure oxygen flows throughout the body, encouraging healing and growth in the process.  Decreased oxygen results in headaches, tension and pain that can turn into a more significant issue over time.  Deeper breathing, will increase oxygen levels and naturally promotes the release of toxins and negative energy throughout the body.
  • Increased range of motion.  Injuries and daily activities can limit our joint mobility.  Massage can relieve stiffness by circulating body fluids that naturally lubricate the joints.  Think of getting a massage like changing the oil in your car.  It does not work as well if you never do it.
  • It helps stimulate circulation and detox lymphatic fluid, which boosts your immunity by increasing white blood cells.
  • Repetitive motion and over use of muscles can cause muscle tension and pain, which can lead to nerve compression. It helps relieve muscle stiffness, tightness, spasms and restrictions in the tissue.
  • -It helps to free adhesions, break down scar tissue and decrease inflammation.

Massage therapy goes well beyond just pampering yourself.  Your body will be jumping for joy from all of the positive effects.  There are many different styles and techniques that can address health conditions and allow comfort in your body and mind.

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