Cultured Vegetables Probiotics

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Cultured Vegetables Probiotics

Cultured Vegetables = Probiotics!

Eating cultured vegetables, sometimes referred to as fermented vegetables, is an extremely good way to introduce healthy microflora (probiotics) into your gut.  They literally contain trillions of beneficial bacteria to help colonize you gut. There are so many amazing benefits to consuming these foods, and once you develop a taste for them, you will actually begin to crave them and enjoy them as a snack and with every meal.  Some of the benefits are:

  • They improve digestion!  The beneficial bacteria actually pre-digest the vegetables, so they have already turned the starches and sugars into lactic acid, which is something your body has to work to do.  They aid in the digestion of all other foods consumed with them.
  • They act like little alchemists!  Microflora can actually neutralize toxins in the body, like mercury you may consume from contaminated fish.
  • They are loaded with enzymes, leaving you with more of your own enzyme reserve to rejuvenate cells, strengthen your immune system, etc.
  • They control cravings!  The pathogenic bacteria in our gut feeds and thrives on sugar, and it actually sends chemical messages to our brains to eat MORE sugar.  So, when we crowd out the pathogenic bacteria with the beneficial bacteria, we will notice that our cravings will diminish—excellent for appetite control and weight control.
  • They help to fulfill nutrient deficiencies!  Beneficial bacteria can actually create B vitamins and vitamin K in your gut!  Raw cabbage, when fermented has hundreds of times more vitamin C after fermenting!
  • They extract minerals from our food and retain them!  Beneficial bacteria helps us build mineral-rich blood.  Mineral-rich blood is slightly alkaline which is ideal for our health.  Acidic blood creates an environment that pathogens, microbes, cancer, viruses, etc. thrive in.
  • They are cleansing!  If you are storing a lot of waste and toxins in your gut, you may notice a little discomfort as the beneficial bacteria stirs it up, but after a while, you will find an increase in regularity and a general improvement in your stools.


These brands come in a WIDE variety of flavors, so experiment with others!  They are all RAW and unpasteurized which is critical!  Only buy RAW cultured vegetables!  This is the ULTIMATE fast food.  Stays good for 8 months in the fridge, always ready, no preparation necessary!

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  1. I’ve made Kefir for years and have dabbled in veggies. The great thing about it is that this is a natural process that you almost can’t stop! Almost like the “set it and forget it” slogan of some of the infomercial kitchen supplies!
    I just devoted a specific shaded part of my kitchen counter top towards doing it (so no one would trying to put something else there and knock it over) and it just magically happens on its own without any effort other than putting it in the jars.