PHW Product Review – Viracid

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PHW Product Review: Viracid 

Cold and flu season is officially here! We’re beginning to see more sniffles, coughs and colds. If you missed our post about ways to support your immune system or need a friendly review, read up on awesome ways to give yourself a healthy boost through the winter.

Shouldn’t I just take an Antibiotic?

A question we hear on a daily basis is “Do I need an antibiotic for my cough/sinus congestion/sore throat?” Nasal congestion, sore throats, coughs/bronchitis are most commonly caused by viruses. Rarely will cold symptoms be caused by a bacterial infection. “But once I start taking an antibiotic I start to feel better!” I hear many of you thinking. The truth is, by the time we feel bad enough to contact the doctor for an antibiotic, the virus has about run its course and we’d be starting to feel better whether we would have started that antibiotic or not. Unless you are immunocompromised or have some other health condition that puts you at a greater risk to develop complications from a viral infection, it’s almost always a better idea to treat symptoms in a supportive way rather than rushing for an antibiotic.


Which brings me to our first product review for a supplement we recently started carrying at Prairie Health and Wellness, just in time for those nasty cold symptoms that may come knocking on your door. Obviously we are big on prevention (refer back to those awesome ways to support your immune system we blogged about earlier), but sometimes those viruses get the better of us. Viracid is a supplement that is part of a protocol we recommend when those unpleasant cold symptoms attack.



Available in capsule form, Viracid contains immune-boosting vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc. It also contains a synergistic blend of botanical extracts that have been shown to stimulate virus-killing immune cells, and contains extra antioxidant support to help extinguish the inflammation that contributes to those unpleasant cold symptoms. And the really cool thing about Viracid? Not only is it used acutely when we already feel terrible, but it can be taken in a maintenance dose throughout cold and flu season to help strengthen the immune system before we begin to experience the dreaded cough and congestion. There is no need to suffer through the symptoms of a virus and there are much better and healthier ways than treating with an antibiotic (which don’t kill viruses anyway)! At Prairie Health and Wellness, our integrative approach can have you feeling better (and healthier!) in no time.