Weight Loss through Lifestyle Management

At Prairie Health and Wellness, we don’t believe in diets. People are being bombarded with quick fixes, pills, “fat burners”, calorie counters, “weird tricks”, avoiding that one food (I’m looking at you, bananas!)…  and the list goes on and on.



Results from previous NEWU Program participants:
13.3% decrease in fat mass
13.7% decrease in fasting insulin
20% decrease in CRP (inflammatory marker)
13.8% decrease triglycerides

… and that’s just in the first 12 weeks!


We believe…

  • in nourishing our bodies
  • in learning more about the food that we put into our mouths
  • that true change and transformation comes from the inside
  • that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts
  • there is a way of eating that the entire family can follow
  • this way of eating can be sustained for a lifetime
  • most diseases that Americans struggle with are directly related to what we eat 


Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

The low fat, low cholesterol lifestyle has, since 1973, sent our nation on a path of obesity, hypertension, and heart disease. In this pursuit of low fat food we’ve massively increased our intake of sugar. It’s in almost everything and it’s poisoning us. 

Now is the time to start changing the way you think about food. We want to help you simplify the choices that you make. Understand that the type of calories you put in your body are more important than the number of calories.



We know that the scale doesn’t tell the whole truth. Some people get frustrated when they work hard, but don’t see changes on the bathroom scale. We’ll be analyzing body mass with a full body DEXA Scan, and measuring end points with comprehensive lab tests. 


Our Plan

The program is 12 weeks in length and can be initiated at any time by signing up at Prairie Health and Wellness.


  • Week 1 & 2
  1. Initial  lab work
  2. Full body DEXA (most accurate scan for body mass analysis)
  3. Paleo cleanse (28 meal replacement shakes with liver and digestive support)
  4. Weekly emails and Facebook posts to help you stay motivated
  • Week 3 – Week 12
  1. Office visit with one of our providers to go over lab and DEXA results, with supplementation and initial assessment recommendations
  2. Macronutrient recommendations to be based off of DEXA scan
  3. Weekly weight and blood pressure checks (scheduled with nursing staff)
  4. Weekly emails and Facebook posts to help you stay motivated and informed
  5. Weekly video lectures covering the following topics:
        • Basic and Advanced Applications in Nutrition
        • Cooking and Food Prep 101
        • Learn the Right Way to Exercise
        • Optimizing Sleep
        • Stress Management
        • Environmental exposures 
  1. Weekly B12 injections or upgrade to LipoBoost injections for an additional fee (clinic administered and home injection options)
  2. Medication management 
  3. Opportunities to meet one-on-one with providers for additional support (New patients are required to have an individual appointment with a provider prior to starting the program)
  4. Program wraps up with a provider appointment to set maintenance plan and repeat labs, full body DEXA scan


Additional Information

  • Access to the NewU Facebook Community (weekly posts, articles, and testimonials of past graduates)
  • Weekly email with private YouTube link to that week’s Lecutre Video, recipes, and encouragement 
  • 1 Virtual Visit via Facetime or Skype is included to consult with our providers during Week 3 – Week 12
  • Weekly B12 (methylcobalamin) or LipoBoost (for an additional charge) injections are available starting in Week 3 
  • 2 week Paleo Cleanse shakes and liver/digestive support capsules included in program price (Week 1 & 2)
  • 12 Weeks of Meal Plans complete with recipes
  • $50 supplement voucher to be used during program, based on provider recommendations 
  • Labs done at start, and again at completion of program 
    • Comprehensive lipid panel
    • hsCRP
    • TSH
    • Hgb A1C
    • Glucose/insulin
    • Vitamin D3
  • Full body DEXA scan done at start, and again at completion of program

Member price $1000, Non-Member price $1,250*

*prices subject to change, payment plan available 

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