7 Reasons Women Need to Strength Train

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7 Reasons Women Need to Strength Train

The reason I use the specific words strength train instead of lift weights, exercise or do cardio is because I truly mean women need to train for strength.  According to wikepedia, strength train is: a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles.  Ladies, don’t give up on me just yet.  Don’t think I want you to bulk up and look like a man.  That is simply not the case as us women do not produce the amount of testosterone men do.

Remember strength train is to train for strength.  By this I mean women need to hit the weight room with the intent of getting stronger, focusing on large compound movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses, pull ups, rows and bodyweight movements.  Ditch those 5-pound weights, focus on learning proper form and progressively adding more weight to your lifts.  When you do so you will reap the benefits!

Here are my 7 Reasons Women Need to Strength Train

  1. Increase in Self Confidence

This is an amazing benefit of making friends with heavy weight.   Most women are unaware of their true strength.  Once they begin strength training with weights close to or more than their body weight they become aware of their true abilities. 

This realization of strength in the weight room often leads to greater self-confidence outside of the weight room as well.  Getting stronger teaches you what you are made of.  As my female clients gain strength in the weight room their confidence shines in every area of life.  Relationships strengthen, work becomes more fulfilling and they have more energy.

Gaining strength will be challenging.  It will take hard work and consistency but setting a plan and sticking to it will produce amazing results overtime.

  1. Build the Body of your Dreams

Most women looking to get in shape hop on board a piece of cardio equipment and ride it until they have burnt ‘x’ number of calories.  Some may follow that up with a quick circuit through machine weights.   I must admit, this was once me.  I thought cardio was the key to success and I was terrified of the weight room.  Cardio got me no where fast!  I became a skinny version of my bigger self, I had saggy glutes, no muscle definition and definitely no strength.  I looked frail and fragile.

If you really want to build the body of your dreams you must strength train.  You must lift weights and heavy weights at that (with good form).   Lifting weights and progressively overloading your muscles helps build lean muscle mass.  Erase the mental picture you have of a man, think a tight and lean bikini body.  The more lean muscle mass one has the more calories they burn at rest.  The key is to become a fat burning machine and strength training will do just that.

As you progressively overload the muscles and become stronger your body will transform.  Your glutes will rise, your tummy with tighten and those arms will look amazing in your summer tank.  Scared to sport a two-piece…you won’t be if you strength train correctly.

  1. Positive, Progressive Goal

Most women go to the gym with the goal of burning as many calories as possible.  I challenge you to de-mount the cardio equipment and head off to the weight room with the men.  First educate yourself on large compound movements and proper form.  Once you feel comfortable set a strength-training program for yourself and progressively overload the muscle by increasing repetitions or weight week to week.  This makes strength training exciting as you are seeing yourself become stronger and the physical results are nothing to complain about.

An example of progressive goal setting is:

Week 1: Squat 95*4*5 (95 pounds, 4 sets, 5 repetitions)

Week 2: 95*4*6

Week 3: 100*4*5

Week 4: 100*4*6

  1. De-Stress

Upset with your significant other?  Did someone cut you off in traffic?  Bad day at work?  Strength training is a proven stress reliever by releasing endorphins, improving mood and decreasing tension.  What better way to start or end a day with a stress relieving activity?  Personally I prefer to strength train in the morning.  It sets the mood for the rest of my day and makes me feel accomplished.  Others prefer to strength train after work helping to relieve stress from a long day at work. 

  1. Role Model

Take a peak into any fitness magazine, all the infomercials on weight loss, pills, and powders that supposedly lead to a quick fix, instead these ultimately lead to long term health concerns.  Through strength training and proper nutrition you will build a foundation that is unstoppable.  Your bones will be strong as you age, your body will be healthy and nourished and you will be a role model to women around you.  Once you learn and reap the benefits of strength training you can educate and spread the word to other women in hopes to change the industry way of thinking that long cardio sessions, starvation or fad diets and being rail thin is the way women should live.

  1. Prevent Disease

Most women workout to look better.  I have some amazing news, if you strength train and nourish your body with a balanced nutritional intake you will reap many more benefits than just looking good.  You will age gracefully and you will reduce your risk of diseases such as osteoporosis. 

Strength training improves your quality of life by building strong bones and a strong immune system fighting off disease, illness and more.  Experience fewer sick days, more energy and strength at all ages of life.

  1. Bring out the Best YOU!

Women are naturally hard on themselves.  We look in a funny mirror most days and pick ourselves apart from head to toe.  We find it hard to look past our insecurities to see the qualities we have.  Strength training will help bring out the best version of you possible.  It is no longer about looking like someone else, reaching a certain scale weight or fitting into a certain size of jeans.  Those all seem to fall into place as you incorporate strength training.  As your body transforms you become tighter, those jeans become loser and your body reaches a natural healthy weight that you will love.  Strength training helps highlight your unique talents and physical features to make you shine and radiate confidence. 

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